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Real Time Brand Management?

I am concerned that spontaneous reflexes such as this will begin to emerge when they are more likely very expensive patches for inadequate customer service processes or poor brand management. A deeper analysis of root causes for poor customer experiences with a goal of the these causes systematic elimination constitutes a real “function” of brand management. Continue reading

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Socialnomics – A Marketing Tsunami

Savvy shoppers are no longer going into the marketplace without delving into the social ranks for assistance. Unless a product also has social support riding on the surge of information, it could become dead in the water. Continue reading

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Listening Versus Understanding Your Customer

These days a huge gap has formed between listening to our customers and actually understanding what they are saying. It’s now evident to most companies that Social Media has opened new doors for listening to customers. Although it seems they are drowning in volumes of voices, without good tools and/or methods to extract clear and actionable signals. In a sense they can’t see the forest for the all the trees. Continue reading

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Social Networks: The New Focus Group

Consider for a moment that while traditional focus groups draw in customers to discuss their experiences, so are Social Networks providing the same information. Is there really a significant difference? Continue reading

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Our New Home Page Has Been Deployed

Today we released a version of the home page that includes some of the suggested design improvements. Hopefully we have heard you right and made it better. Please let us know. Continue reading

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Reputation Beats Everything

While many shoppers are using social media to make informed decisions about their purchases, you can take advantage of the same information to modify your marketing plan, find a fix or correct customer support delivery, if necessary. Building and maintaining a good reputation are keys to business success. If positive PR is missing from your product’s character, you need to know about it quickly so you can find a solution to repair the injury. Continue reading

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Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

One of the hottest topics on the internet today is SMM (Social Media Marketing). Questions are being raised about the role of social media on the infamous 4P’s of marketing. I think we still have to address Product, Price, Place & Promotion; however, there’s a new sheriff in town and Reputation is his middle name. Consumers have participated in surveys for decades, but social media is now defining many product’s brand image. Continue reading

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